Support to Interpol action plan on public health – ASKLEPIOS – 2016

17 Marzo, 2016


ASKLEPIOS – Actions on food Supplements, faKe genuine (not) food exhibition, e-LEarning platform, action on Pesticides, operation “In Our Sites” and Joint Action Day – includes a set of activities listed in the Interpol Action Plan (AOP) 2015 with specific regard to contrast to counterfeiting and other illicit activities which impact on public health and safety. Eutalia supports the Italian Carabinieri Headquarters for Healthcare, (Carabinieri NAS), which is the Leader of the AOP 2015,  in designing and implementing the action, also with regard to the financial and logistics management.

The work packages include:

1- seizure of domain names of Internet sites selling counterfeit goods

2 – Targeted pilot joint Operation on Pesticides

3 – Tackling illegal food supplements containing forbidden substances

4 – E-learning platform for training law enforcement officers to combat food crime

5- Exhibition on fake food.


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