POTRAI – Support to pre-deployment capacity of the police in Iraq

11 Gennaio, 2017


The action aims to strengthen and scale up the “Task Force Carabinieri” operating in Baghdad to undertake pre-deployment training for Iraqi police officers who will serve in areas recovered from ISIL/Da’esh. Firstly, the action will increase the number of Iraqi police trained and effectively deployed in recovered areas by scaling up the number of trainers, including from other European union member states interested in contributing to police training efforts in Iraq. Secondly, the action will improve the protection of the Iraqi Police when handling Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and, by so doing, enhance the safety of the population returning to those areas. Finally, to ensure the sustainability of the action, a small number of strategic advisers will support the “Task Force Carabinieri” and the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to ensure that the on-going training effort is further integrated and institutionalised, which enhances the longer-term governance reform agenda within the MoI, notably in regards to training and organisational/human resources policies.

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