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ISF4@ON: Internal Security Fund for the @ON Network to tackle top level OCGs and mafia-style structures 2022-2024

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5 Luglio, 2022


Eutalia continues to support the  Italian Ministry of th Interior – Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate in the administrative, logistical and financial management of the project “ISF4@ON: Internal Security Fund for the @ON Network to tackle top level OCGs and mafia-style structures”, also funded by the Internal Security Fund-Police of the European Union (DG HOME).

The purpose of @ON is to strengthen transnational LEA cooperation against top-level OCGs and mafia-style affecting the EU MSs, focusing on the OCGs themselves, regardless of the offence committed. The criminal groups under investigation are mainly Italian, Eurasian, Albanian OCGs and outlaw motorcycle criminal gangs, but also the new ones (i.e. Chinese, Nigerian, Turkish OCGs etc.), posing an increasing threat for EU security and economy.

The @ON Network, in coordination with Europol, makes it possible for the EU Member States to request the quick deployment, on the spot, of @ON Network investigators, as consultants specialized in the fight against these kind of criminal networks. The most effective investigative techniques are shared among LEAs, facilitating the best practice exchange as well as the necessary trust relationship. This way, @ON also support the existing initiatives to improve the administrative approach in the fight against organised crime structure, with a view to detect and recover the assets illegally acquired by criminal organizations. The EU Commission, with the ISF Direct Grant, will support the activities of the @ON Network with an additional 2 million euros through the “ISF4@ON” Project (ISFP-2020-AG-IBA-ONNET, Grant no. 101052683) for a further 24 months (2022-2023).

The @ON Network is based on a “Core Group”Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands – serving as a control room with the aim of selecting the investigations on priority targets to be supported. The information exchange is through the SIENA safe channel among the involved LEAs and Europol for the analysis support.

The @ON Network support:

  • the deployment on the spot of specialised @ON investigators to support the investigative Units of requesting Countries, through Operational Missions (OM) or Operational Experts with long-term deployment on the spot (OE);
  • the organization of operational meetings/Action days with the involved LEAs;
  • the provision of Special Investigation Tools by providing the loan of Technical Equipment (TE), reimbursement of operational expenses related to lawful covert human intelligence activities (CHIS), Undercover Operations (UCO) and expenses for Language Assistance (LA).

Up to now 30 LEAs, representing 25 countries have adhered to @ ON NETWORK. Besides France (SIRASCO and PJGN), Germany (BKA), Spain (UDYCO and Guardia Civil), Belgium (Federal Police) and The Netherlands (National Police), part with Italy of the Core Group of the of Network, are partners together with Europol: Hungary (National Police), Austria (BK), Romania (National Police), Australia (AFP), Malta (National Police), Switzerland (Federal Criminal Police), Czech Republic (NOCA), Slovenia (National Police), Poland (CBSP), Croatia (National Police), Georgia (National Police), Norway (NCIS), Albania (CPD), Portugal (UNCT), USA (FBI), Sweden (National Police), Canada (RCMP), Latvia (State Police) and Luxembourg (Police Grand Ducale). Italy is represented by DIA and by Carabinieri Corps, Guardia di Finanza and National Police as partners.

At present the Network is supporting the Member States Investigative Units of @ON Network in 55 investigations, funded 171 operational missions in favour of 736 investigators, leading to the arrest of 287 persons, including 5 fugitives, and seized about 11,3 million euros, drugs (including 23 cannabis plantations) and weapons. @ON Network aimed also to explore a more structured integration of a targeted approach against criminal networks into EMPACT.



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